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Betting Football Soccer OVER 0,5

Betting Football Soccer OVER 0,5

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The Strategy least used by Bettors (LUCKY FOR THE BOOKMAKER)

On the other hand. If I have to risk it, it's better to do it at a high altitude!
Reasonable, especially for the BookMakers!

I understand you've tried many, like everyone else! Above all, you've heard a lot about sports betting.

People like you and like me who love sports bets have a secret dream in their drawer to earn a living only with bets. Sometimes it's almost ashamed to think so, right?

  • What's wrong with wanting to use your skills to earn money plus TAX-FREE?
  • What's so wrong with trying to earn a living with your skills?

If you, too, have this "shameful" dream in your drawer, know that IT CAN BE DONE, and in this book, I will prove it to you as I am demonstrating it right now online, and you can verify it yourself every day.

In this book, I tell you how to earn up to €200 a week starting with a budget of only €100.

In this book, you will find an introductory part linked to the mindset and my personal experience but, above all, an operational section to be able to start following my "ONE GOAL PAY" strategy immediately,
Complete with a practical example of event selection published immediately on my website as a forecast official:


- The 4 phases (+one) of the behavior of the bettor

- How to win the biggest bet, Living off bets

- When it's right to do "Overbetting" and when not

- How to learn to earn and not to be right!

- The fundamentals of my OVER PAYCHECK strategy


- The "ONE GOAL PAY" Strategy

- Skimming of the palimpsest

- Find the Events

- Match Analysis and Event Selection

- Real Practical Example

- The updated Alexbet Bibliography

Buy this book now; with a little effort, you can make your dream come true!

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